home schooled


This is probably my favorite wish list to post. I am a huge fan of home design. Well, design in general! I am probably a culprit of loving the coolness of something without taking into consideration the functionality. I know, I know, but at least it looks good, right? These gift items are definitely easy on the eyes, cool and, yes, they’re functional. My Top Pick would have to be the Riviera Tray from May Furniture. Every guy should own a valet tray. It really does help keep everything in one place. Your keys, spare change, your wallet, phone and any cash can all rest there when you’re home and can be easily grabbed when you need to run.



1. Killspencer Indoor Mini Basketball Kit  |  2. Areaware Liquid Body Flask  |  3. May Furniture Riviera Tray  | 4. Kauffman Mercantile Black Aluminum EDC Pen  |  5. Killspencer Baseball  |  6. Kauffman Mercantile Japanese Water Purifying Charcoal Sticks

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