grooming guide


‘Tis the season! It is that time of year when we must all scramble to get our loved ones (and some of those we semi-love) some gifts for the holidays. I am here to help! Avoid the crowds at the mall and the endless store visits. I’m making it easier to shop with my Holiday Wish Lists for 2016. I have selected some of my favorite products and divided them into categories to make it simple to shop. You’re welcome! 🙂 First up… the grooming guide! Every man should groom! I use the word “should” because some of you men do not do so. It shouldn’t be optional. Everyone needs a little trim, a little buff and a nice scent to seal the deal! Trust me, no one smells great au naturel. The products below are perfect for any man; father, son, boyfriend, husband or lover (hey, I don’t judge!) In case you are wondering, my Top Pick in the grooming category is actually a tie between the Anthony Brands No Sweat Body Defense and the HEPCAT cologne. I’ll write more about each in a separate post. That is what you call a cliffhanger!



1. Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men’s Cleansing Brush  |  2. Ursa Major Morning Mojo BAR SOAP  |  3. American Crew Molding Clay and Pomade  |  4. The Art of Shaving Peppermint Shaving Cream  |  5. PHLUR Hepcat fragrance  |  6. Dollar Shave Club Wandered collection  |  7. Zinka Colored Nosecoat  |  8. Anthony Brands products

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