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TMS Summer ’16 Shoot – DE LA COMMUNE

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Ok, so summer is officially over, but if you live in Texas, or anywhere with similar climate, you know that there is another good, solid month of 80-90 degree weather before fall really arrives! So lets not dismiss summer, just yet! I got to shoot (well, there was a photographer there so “I” didn’t technically shoot anything, but you know what I mean) some of TMS’s favorite summer items and must-haves. Each summer we have an array of items submitted from some of the world’s coolest brands. I carefully go through them all, try stuff on, test products and choose my favorites!

This year, I LOVED the DE LA COMMUNE Jersey tee. First of all, this Cloudy Grey color is a classic. It will still be a classic next year and it was a classic the year before. It is easy to pair with and versatile enough for everyone to wear. Secondly, the tee fits great! It casually drapes across the chest and, most importantly, it’s comfortable! The wide, scoop neck is a plus. Some crew necks can make you feel a bit choked so this tee helps you avoid that feeling.

Now, lets move down to the underwear. Wood truly makes some of my favorite underwear. Their boxer briefs are really comfortable, they fit great and they hold your junk in place. Yeah, I went there! That is a vital responsibility of men’s underwear and some brands fall short. Not Wood! The legs do not ride up into your crotch and the waist band sits in place. It checks all of my boxes!

Now that we have that taken care of, I’ll focus on the DL jeans. Well-made, good fit, but they allow you to move freely. That’s important right? A lot of jeans hold your legs in place and keep you from even bending over to tie your shoe. As our model demonstrates above, you can move around, lift up your leg (although it helps when you have a core like that… just sayin’) and the pants still stay in place. I am a fan of DL. Plus, their jeans wear nicely, adjusting to your movements for a better fit.

This brings us to… (drum roll please!) the shoes! If you have read my blog posts in the past, you guys know that I am a HUGE fan of Creative Recreation. Simply put, their shoes are cool! They are approachable, wearable and they offer a variety of styles. Personally, I like the mid and high tops, like the Nitti shown above. It’s a fashion-inspired court shoe so it gives the appearance of a more sporty shoe, while still being stylish. I love the black and cream colors with the pop of red in the back. You can easily pair them with work out shorts for a quick Starbucks run or with some jeans for a night out.

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