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dress code: NYFW: Tommy Hilfiger S17 RTW

TommyHilfiger.S17.RTW.4 TommyHilfiger.S17.RTW.3 TommyHilfiger.S17.RTW.2 TommyHilfiger.S17.RTW.1

Just in case a few of your aren’t in NYC this week for men’s fashion week, let me fill you in. The city is loud with the usual city noises, a sea of yellow cabs and the hustle and bustle of millions of people in a really small space (relatively speaking). What makes that all OK is that (like previously mentioned) it is NYFW! The world’s top designers are showcasing their Spring 2017 men’s collections. Fashion shows and presentations are scheduled throughout the city. Can’t keep up? I am here to fill you in on my favorite collections!

First up… Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy (as I like to call him) has been one of my favorite designers for years. He’s your All-American brand. The brand that reminds you of that effortless, yet stylish look. The red, white and blue’s are as prevelant as usual with over-sized, patterned jackets and shirts. That red and black jacket with the royal blue trim… killer! Tommy continues to deliver his signature trim suits. Pair it with crisp sneakers and a t-shirt (per above) to casual it up a bit. That red gym suit… be selective. Not everyone can pull that off, despite popular belief. The color red is polarizing and can make your skin look flushed. Proceed with caution.

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