dress code

dress code: NYFW: Nautica S17 RTW

Nautica.S17.RTW.4 Nautica.S17.RTW.3 Nautica.S17.RTW.2 Nautica.S17.RTW.1

Nautica is one of those brands that reminds me of my childhood. I used to wear it when I was younger. At least I think I used to wear it. Nonetheless, the brand (and thankfully my own sense of style) has evolved throughout the years! The causal prep style that this Spring collection exudes is refreshing and quite welcomed. It’s time to let go of those oversized t-shirts and loose fitting jeans. Your clothes do not (and should not be tight), but they should be fitted. The beauty about a RTW collection is that it is, well, ready-to-wear. You buy it off the rack and take it to your closet. But do not be afraid to pay your local tailor a visit. If the shirt or shorts or cardigan do not fit perfectly, then spend the extra $20 and get that piece tailored. Trust me when I tell you that it’ll be worth every penny! The yellow polo look is classic sans the bandana. And the charcoal cardigan with printed shorts look is spot on! A charcoal cardigan is versatile enough that it can be worn year round and can survive through a few collections.

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