dress code

dress code: NYFW: Parke & Ronen S17 RTW

Parke.S17.RTW.4 Parke.S17.RTW.3 Parke.S17.RTW.2 Parke.S17.RTW.1

Parke & Ronen does it again (enter emoji here)! Per their usual, Parke & Ronen delivered with their Spring 2017 collection. The printed shorts and trunks are staples for the brand as are the t-shirts and the perfectly fit models that wear the clothes better than anyone else! Their clothes are fun. And they are styled in a fun manner for the runway shows. However, when you wear them… let’s not take so many liberties. Hey, I am just being honest. I mean, who really wears short trunks with tennis shoes and high white tube socks? Let me answer that for you: only the 19 year old male model that is getting paid a lot of money for a :30 second walk down a runway. Be more selective. The trunks and shorts are all perfect for any beach, pool or summer party. The t-shirts and beach bags are nice. The seahorse crop tee… lets leave that one on the runway. Even if you had obliques like that, you would like to an overgrown kid off the PeeWee’s Playhouse set and, well, I’ll leave it at that.

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