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grooming guide: TRIPBOXX

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We have all traveled at some point in our lives. It could have been a 3 hour road trip to grandma’s house. Or, perhaps, a 3 hour flight to a nearby city. No matter how often you do it, traveling is still somewhat of a hassle. You have to book your airfare, hotel and rental car. Then you pack the night before, hoping you didn’t forget your phone charger or toothbrush. We have all done that! Let us present, TRIPBOXX. This is a unique service that ships a customized box of essential grooming products to your hotel or destination prior to your trip. No more last minute runs to CVS or (even worse) late night trips down to the hotel lobby for an $8 toothbrush. TRIPBOXX will send your customized box to your hotel, AirBnB, friends place or even your own address. It’ll have some standard items (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, body wash, etc.) and then you can add up to three more products of your choice. The list to choose from is great! You have your essentials like Advil, sunscreen or face wash. And you even have the “other” essentials like lube and condoms. Hey! Don’t judge! Stuff happens when you are on vacation! Either way, TRIPBOXX can make your travels that much easier. One less thing to worry about next time you are heading for a quick getaway.

MENTORS NOTE: Visit and order your box for your next trip(s). If you want the basics, order the standard box. It has everything that you may need! Want to splurge a little?! Order the deluxe box (pictured above). It’ll have all the same essentials from some popular luxury brands like Billy Jealousy, Fatboy and Brickell.

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