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dress code: Buscemi

125MMTRI_BOURBON_Profile 100MMPUSH_AVOBLU_Profile 100MM_PERLA_Profile

What happens when two sneaker connoisseurs decide to pursue their dream of creating the perfect shoe? Enter, Buscemi. From the streets of New York City to the Marche region of Italy, each sneaker goes from design to reality, pieced together by some of the world’s best shoe craftsmen. With its inaugural run of the 100MM selling out immediately and their sophomore collection, the 125MM’s, being carried in top stockists around the world, this sneaker raises the bar for footwear.

MENTORS NOTE: Everyone needs at least one pair of statement sneakers in their closet. Not the ones that you wear for your morning Starbucks run or to the gym or to your Aunt Mini’s house. I am talking about that one pair that you put on for a nice dinner or an evening out on the town. The quality of the craftsmanship and the opulent details (Do I need to point out that shiny lock?) speak for themselves. All this lets your shoes to the talking and the walking.

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