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dress code: Postalco

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Rain, rain go away… but if it doesn’t, you are definitely ready! Weather is unpredictable. We know that, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be caught off guard. This Postalco rain coat is one of my favorites. Why you may be asking? Let me tell you. 1) Its yellow. I mean, if you are going to be soaked, you may as well do it while looking bright. 2) It doesn’t have any shoulder stitching. What does that mean for you? It means its more comfortable, better arm movement and no itching or impressions when you are wearing a backpack or shoulder bag. 3) The sleeves are designed to easily be rolled up in case you need to get your hands dirty. The Free Arm Rain Jacket is made with a water resistant fabric and is hand-made in Japan. The attention to detail is remarkable. Simply put… get one.

MENTORS NOTE: Just get one. Umbrellas don’t keep you dry from the chest down. You still end up getting wet so protect yourself a bit more and have this slick, mustard colored rain jacket for those rainy days. Place it under your car seat. We all know the umbrellas are always in the trunk when it starts to rain so get one step ahead of Mother Nature. If yellow is not your thing, it’s also available in blue.

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