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home schooled: Postalco

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In 2000, Mike Abelson, who was a bag designer in New York, noticed that his wife (a graphic designer) was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He designed an envelope-shaped pouch to remedity this issue. That was the beginning of Postalco and the rest is history. More than a decade later, Postalco offers the consumer an array of well designed, simple, yet ultra chic pieces ranging from rainwear, small table goods, leather carriers, bags and (our favorite) notebooks.

MENTORS NOTE: It is more than just a notebook. Way more. A handwritten note or thought is a lost art and what you write it on is just as important as the words themselves. Get yourself a few Postalco notebooks (and a few old fashioned #2 pencils) and get to writing. These notebooks are not just pretty to look at, but they are well designed too. The A5 notebook has starch-pressed cotton bonded to its cover. Its color will fade with natural use and the fibers of the fabric will become more apparent. The paper is even slightly textured to keep your pen (or pencil) from slipping, allowing your writing utensil maximum traction to the papers surface. Never thought writing was such an art, huh? Now you know.

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