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dress code: KILLSPENCER

Soccer_Ball Black_Ash_Baseball_Bat1 Football1

KILLSPENCER is an LA-based company founded by industrial designer Spencer Nikosey. The concept was simple: to bring a high level of performance, functionality and quality to everything that he designed. I believe KILLSPENCER has achieved that. All of their products are made in the U.S.A. in their Silverlake, California workshop. Check out their site for some of the coolest looking, yet functional, products we have seen in a while. If you are in the LA area, make sure to stop by their brick and mortar store and workshop.

MENTORS NOTE: When you check out their website, you’ll see an array of quality-made leather goods that vary from backpacks, to duffels, to wallets to sporting goods. Enter the coolest, slickest soccer ball around! If you are going to play sports, you may as well use killer equipment to do so. Don’t worry what the other guys are going to be saying. You’re the one walking around the field with the coolest balls ever! Phrasing… You get what we are saying. If you are a true fan of either sport shown above, get yourself one of these products. It’ll be a cool conversation starter.

Note: with a ball or bat this cool, I surely hope you kick ass at that particular sport! No pressure.

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