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shop class: Malin+Goetz

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Malin+Goetz opened up their Upper East Side store in NYC and we LOVE it! We got a sneak peak at the location when it was in the construction phase. It is now in business and offers the UES some of the best grooming products in the industry. We first posted about the New York-based, family-owned brand about a year ago (click here) and we have been fans ever since. This location carries everything from shampoo and conditioner, face moisturizer and mosquito repellent (a MUST HAVE) to travel kits, toothbrushes (I have one and its amazing) and a variety of candles. It is definitely a one stop shop when you are in the city. They also have a location in Chelsea in case you are in the area.

MENTORS NOTE: Visit one of their brick and mortar locations (specifically this one) or their website and stock up. Summer is here and these are our top picks from Malin+Goetz: 1) SPF 30 Face Moisturizer – Quit trying to be too cool for school and moisturizer! It is all fun and games until you have sun wrinkles at the age of 25 2) Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer – Because men get crow’s feet too 3) Lip Moisturizer – chapped lips are not cool

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