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shop class: Bonobos

Interior 1 Backyard

Bonobos has arrived in Dallas! I know, you may be asking yourself, “Who is Bonobos?” Let me explain! Bonobos is the largest internet-launched men’s clothing brand in the United States. They launched back in 2007 offering the consumer men’s clothing and accessories. They opened up their first Guideshop in 2011 and their first Texas Guideshop (in Austin) in 2013. The Dallas location opens today and offers the consumer the perfect combination of high quality, well fitting apparel, a convenient location and an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment. Guys can work with style experts trained in style and fit to help them put together a versatile wardrobe consisting of anything from casual pieces to suits.

MENTORS NOTE: This type of set up is perfect for the guy that doesn’t know how to put their wardrobe together without including camo cargo shorts and flip flops. If we just described you, please find the nearest Bonobos Guideshop and beg them for their help! The 1,200 square foot Dallas location is the perfect guy retail pad. Stop on by and set up a consulation with one of their nifty style guru’s. You’ll be surprised at what you look good in (that you never expected) and what you don’t look good in (but you thought you did!). Note: This isn’t your typical retail shop. You don’t actually buy the merchandise in-store. You walk away knowing exactly what to purchase, which you then do online, from the comfort of your own home (in those camo cargo shorts that you need to get rid of).

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