home schooled

home schooled: Public – Supply x Shinola


Public – Supply and Shinola have teamed up on a smart product that makes an impact on Detroit classrooms. A classic box of 12 pencils (yes the #2 kind that we had to use on scantrons… I think I just aged myself) in signature Shinola orange, featuring a rubber eraser and standard no. 2 graphite core.

Public – Supply is a Brooklyn-based, for-profit company that donates a quarter of its profits to public school art programs and high-need classrooms in New York.  The collaboration with Shinola, which we recently covered (click here), marks the first time the company will direct funds to a city outside of New York. Profits from this collaboration will support creative arts classrooms in Detroit Public Schools. A total of 5 classrooms will be reached and 964 students will benefit from the donation.

Want to know where your money is going? Each box will have a hand stamped tracking ID on it ranging from 53-57 that will correspond with the project that was funded.  People who purchase the product can go to Public-supply.com and see which classroom they funded and what their money went to.

Public – Supply x Shinola pencils will be sold in our flagship retail stores in Detroit and New York, as well as on Shinola.com.

MENTORS NOTE: A few notes… 1) Everyone should be using #2 pencils (specifically the ones mentioned above). There is nothing like a hand written note to really add value to a message and if it’s written in pencil, it adds an element of character and texture. Something about the way the graphite settles on the paper. 2) The color of the pencils above are way cooler than your average pencil. 3) Mechanical pencils are lame. 4) These pencils help children trying to get an education. What more do you want? Buy a few boxes and give back.



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