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home schooled: Native Union

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Native Union was founded in 2009 to provide solutions to the challenges of today’s digital age. It had one simple principle in mind: to make life simpler in a rapidly changing world. Native Union consists of a pool of creative designers and engineers from all over the world that have a common goal to provide the consumer with a perfectly engineered, and quite aesthetically pleasing, product. They feel like part of their job is to figure out what we need before we realize that we need it. We love that!

MENTORS NOTE: Functionality is key. We get that. BUT… aesthetics makes us all sleep better at night and HOLY @#$%!!! This stuff is sick! The use of juxtaposing materials (did we just use the word “juxtaposing”?!) is genius and the lines and sharpness of their products are world class. You can get basic versions of the above at your local electronic stores, but why would you want that. Give your iPhone a refresh with one of their cases (shown above). And jazz up your desk at work with the speaker (shown above). It is also perfect for a small conference room, bathroom, bedroom or on the go. Simply put, their products work, they look good and they help you look good in the process.

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