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home schooled: Kaufmann Mercantile

apple-crates-kaufmann-mercantile ceramic carafe brown-leather-camping-chair-kaufmann-mercantile

Kaufmann Mercantile is a New York-based online retailer that carries a well-selected collection of quality, hand-made goods. Great importance is given to each pieces functionality, durability and, of course, aesthetics. Kaufmann Mercantile doesn’t sell mass produced, assembly line items. Instead, they focus on durable, hand-made goods that are needed in ones every day life. Plus, shopping is made easy on their site where you are able to shop by region, material or price.

MENTORS NOTE: Guys, its time for some spring cleaning. Not in your closet (this time around) but in your home. You can add some cool stuff to your pad withour spending a lot or redesigning the whole place. Storage: The bag, box or plastic bin you have laying around with a pile of stuff… Grab it, empty it and throw it out. Replace it with these industrial wooden crates. They are durable and cool looking and will man up any space (as well as organize it). Kitchen: the row of empty liquor bottles… really? Toss them! Replace with a set of charcoal carafes. What the F are carafes you ask? They are fancy pouring containers. Stop using boxed wine and generic brand bottled water. Use these to serve your next guest. They’ll be impressed. (If they are not, refer back to the boxed wine).

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