home schooled

home schooled: utopian state of mind

SV8 Green and India Peach Large

We previously wrote about this designer, Pia Wustenberg. Her highly trained skills (she studied at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and the Royal College of Arts) are still being put to good use with another collection of brilliant stacked vessels. Each one has a section made of a metal, wood and studio glass. You can find these vessels and more of her amazing craftsmanship at Utopia and Utility.

MENTORS NOTE: There are pieces you buy for your home to take up space (i.e. random shopping binges at Target or IKEA) and then there are the pieces that you invest in to help create your space. The vessels fall into the latter category. Each vessel is a true piece of art, designed with precision and crafted to maximize the use of textures, which help reflect, absorb and curve the light in a room. You do not need much fluff around a piece like this. Place a large one on your dining table as a centerpiece or an array of multi-sized vessels on a display shelf. The art will speak for itself with no introduction needed.

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