home schooled

home schooled: industry design

: side view :Panamericana Lonuger product shot

: folded view :

Panamericana Lounger folded shot

The same Los Angeles-based company who brought us the Clean tanks (shown here) also produces modern, geometric furniture. The Panamericana Chair is made in Indonesia, one of the seven countries that Industry of All Nations works with to produce their line of mens clothing, shoes, accessories and furniture.

MENTORS NOTE: This chair has clean, sharp lines and is aestheticaly pleasing to the eye. When it looks like that, does it really matter if its comfortable? I guess it does. Take our word for it. The chair is comfortable, functional and will not let you down. Even better, it’ll actually folds up. That helps you move the chair and store it a lot easier. The height of the chair will add some dimension to any room.  Get a pair and place them on your patio and toss the tragic plastic furniture you have.  Or get a single chair and place it in a corner of your bedroom or living space as an accent. It’ll be a nice conversation starter.

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