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It started as a conversation between two brothers. It turned into a furniture collection. And then into an award winning design company. Nice progression, we think! Misewell designs quality, functional and sustainable pieces, made from the best materials available. All pieces are created by talented craftsman, exclusively in the United States.

MENTORS NOTE: Your home should be your safe haven from the rest of the world. A place far away from all of the clutter and fuss that we interact with on a daily basis. You need functionality (we agree), but that doesn’t mean that all aesthetics go out the window. Get pieces that fit your space, that compliment other pieces in the room and that fit your personality. The Grain desk (shown above) is perfect for any profession. It’s designed with clean lines, yet robust enough to be the anchor piece for a small office or work nook. The Lockwood chair (shown above) is perfect for any room. Its modular design will balance out a busy patterned rug or wallpaper. The mixture in textures in the piece add some depth to the room. Switch out a piece or two in your home for a Misewell piece. You will notice the difference (and so will your guests).

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