grooming guide

grooming guide: time to dread

Dreadnought is the ultimate shaving experience for men. Their line of specially formulated products helps you with stubble, razor burns, nicks, stubborn beard and ingrown hairs. There is a lot of science behind this line of products, but they work! Brushes, razors and facial products are all available on their website and are for men ONLY! Check out their site to view the full selection of their products (and to enjoy their sense of humor scattered throughout the site).

MENTORS NOTE:  If you are the kind of man that grows three hairs a year, please skip to the next post (we may or may not be secretly jealous of you). Shaving is a process. It takes effort, time and precision so you don’t look like you got attacked by a pair of mini scissors.  At least we know there are products that will make it easier on us. Enter: Dreadnought Shaving.

:: Start with the Luxury Shaving Cream. This product has the usual ingredients of shaving cream, but it has a miracle ingredient called Decelerine which helps reduce the appearance of hair within a few months.  This will help your have a closer shave.

:: Use the Avenger shaving brush with their Luxury Shaving Cream. It’ll ensure that each hair gets a proper coat of shaving cream allowing for a smooth shave, with less nicks (and less nicks means less of those little pieces of toilet paper hanging from your face. You know what we are talking about).

:: Finish your routine with the Post Shave Balm. It’ll cool your face from the shaving process and ease any bumps or flushed spots. You exfoliate when you shave so add some of the moisture back into your skin.

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