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dress code: GAP SS13


GAP is back with their SS13 collection of wardrobe essentials with the prep casual look that we have grown to love. Colored denim and chinos as well as chambray button downs are in, along with their signature layering style. Their full line of men’s jeans, chinos, shirts, jackets and accessories can be viewed online or at a GAP store near you.

MENTORS NOTE: GAP is one of our favorites! Why? Because they have a casual, hip feel to their clothes. Because their clothes are stylish, yet approachable. And because the price is right (no reference to Bob… or Drew… or whoever hosts that show now). Walk into your local GAP and try on a few things. Their associates are great when it comes to suggesting and will help you put something together (probably something that you never thought you would wear). You can buy a few pieces and mix and match them with other items you have at home. That extends your wardrobe options. Try their new slim fit colored pant, a chambray shirt and a basic gray GAP sweatshirt as an added layer.

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