dress code

dress code: white hot

502610613_model_1 copy

Naked and Famous Denim has some new, cool (or maybe hot) jeans!  The WeirdGuy Thermochromic Denim, available at Barneys, is made using thermochromic dye containing a particular molecule which changes color based on its temperate range. The jeans start in their natural blue color and become white when exposed to heat. Your body temperature or even the sun can change their color.

MENTORS NOTE: These are cool (no pun intended) pants! BUT… be careful where you wear them. A guy in white jeans can be touch and go, to say the least. If its hot outside, and your body creates a lot of body heat, your pants WILL turn white. Consider your pants a mood ring for your lower half of your body! Sort of. Be sure you plan your day before sporting this pair. A hip event, casual dinner or a low key evening out sounds good. A concert with a mosh pit or a picnic on a hot day, does not. No one wants to walk around with a blotchy bottom.

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