dress code

dress code: return of the mack




Mack Weldon is a men’s brand that simplifies underwear buying. And who doesn’t need that?! Their site is user friendly, aesthetically pleasing (of course, we are referring to the use of colors, fonts and graphics. What did you think we were talking about?) and they have videos to show off the goods, not just static images. Amazing! Mack Weldon products are a comfortable fusion of old school quality and modern technology. Speaking of… once you place your order, robots go and grab it from the warehouse and bring it to a central area for packing and shipping. Ummm, we clearly can’t be the only ones who think that is cool!

MENTORS NOTE: Get a pair… well get a few pairs. And some shirts. And some color socks! Just buy something! We need to help keep those robots in business! Plus, its a cool company with a great product! We all wear underwear (at least, we hope). But we don’t always wear the right type. The look, feel and fit of Mack Weldon products is of the highest quality. Their t-shirts fit a frame like a t-shirt should and their underwear fit a… well you get the point. Check out their site to view their full product list.

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