grooming guide

grooming guide: the evolution of man

Evolution is the key to survival. So why not help your skin survive the daily wear and tear. EvolutionMan developed a line of skincare products that uses quality ingredients to address the specific needs of a man’s skin.  The products are easy to use and come in sharp, well designed (and eco-friendly, if we may add) packaging.

MENTORS NOTE: Simplify your routine, and if you do not have one, start one now. These easy steps will help you look refreshed and will help your skin look youthful, moisturized and alive.

1. Use the Wash & Buff Exfoliant once or twice a day. It’ll help get rid of debris, oil and dirt that you collect throughout the day. The microbeads will help cleanse while the antioxidant moisturizers will leave your skin cool and not irritated.

2. Use the Revitalize Eye Gel. This is a product that most guys do not use, but need to. It has a lightweight, matte finish that’ll help tighten the skin under the eyes, improves the appearance of fine lines and reduces puffiness. You’ll be thanking us after a late night of partying. Use it in the morning before you step out of the house and at night before you hit the sack.

Our PICK: the Conceal & Treat Stick for men. I know, I know, the word concealer stresses most guys out. But listen up!  We all get blemishes here and there.  It’s called experiencing life.  This nifty conceal & treat stick is perfect to help hide those blemishes. It comes in three different shades and its anti-inflammatory acne fighters soothe any irriation and accelerate the healing process. Its a win/win!

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