dress code

dress code: 100% Agave

40-757-Harvest2 12-763-Tunisia Baige-2 21-630-MYSTIC BLUE-2 42-761-BREEN-2

Agave Denim was founded in Santa Monica, CA in 2002. In just over a decade, they have introduced cut and sewn knit tops to their collection, moved their headquarters from California to Portland, Oregon and, in 2008,  started making denim and knits for women. All this while continuing to produce quality garments, all designed in Portland and handcrafted in California.

MENTORS NOTE: Denim should be a staple in anyone’s closet. No matter how you dress for work, having a variety of denim allows you to have some options when it comes to dressing a bit more casual, while still being able to look sharp. Enough with the holey, cut up jeans with extra embellisments. Do you really need that logo blasted across your rear?! Let the fit and quality of the denim speak for itself.  The Agave Denim pants shown above are our favorites! The orange chinos and Mystic blue jeans are great color options (ones you probably dont have). Try the camel zipper cargo pant with a white v-neck and colored, fitted cardigan.  It’ll give you a nice combo of prep and edge.

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