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dress code: atlas & mason




Atlas & Mason is a man’s kind of brand.  It wants to empower men to know more, to act more and to… well, dress better while doing so. With a cool collection of men’s t-shirts and tanks (not to mention their jazzed up pocket squares), Atlas & Mason is out to turn men into well versed (and well dressed) gentlemen.

MENTORS NOTE: T-shirts are the best thing that have happened since… jeans. And when you combine the two, its heavenly! There are way too many t-shirt options out there, but let us help you narrow it down.  Stay away from the t-shirts with cheesy one liners or childish graphics.  You aren’t 12 anymore… and it wasn’t even okay back then.  These Atlas & Mason t-shirts are cool, fit well and have clean graphics that allow the shirt to still look simple, while adding a bit of color. You want your t-shirt to be comfortable and effortless. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and you are ready to go. Calm, cool and collected.

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