grooming guide

grooming guide: 12 days of holiday: DAY 8 – Dr. Dennis Gross

DAY 8: Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Oil-Free Moisturizer

If you are one of the many with an oily skin complex, this moisturizer is exactly what you need!  Its oil-free which keeps your face from appearing too greasy and is packed with powerful humectants which add protection against free radical damage and promote collagen production. More collagen = more firm skin.  We have your attention now, don’t we!?


We are very excited to partner with the Grooming Lounge on the tms 12 days of holiday promotion.  The Grooming Lounge  is a premier site for men, offering skin care, hair, shaving and other grooming products from some of the top vendors in the country. They also have their own award-winning grooming products available on their site.

Visit and explore their vast selection of products that are sure to meet the demanding, everyday needs of your body, skin and hair.

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