dress code

dress code: the royal party



Royal Elastics is adding some new holiday designs to their collection.  Consider this a royal blessing! Now you dont have to worry about what shoes to wear for all of your holiday outings. And we are sure that your calendar is quickly filling up. Right?!

MENTORS NOTE:  The transition from office to holiday party has never been so easy.  Get a pair of the Delphin North boot (shown above).  They are sleek enough to wear to the office, but still casual and comfortable. Try them with a pair of earth toned skinny jeans (maybe a dark taupe, an olive or a rust color). Once 5:30 hits, you can let loose a little!  The teal colored Roland12 shoes (shown above) are perfect for any holiday party. They are festive, yet hip and cool. Keep the pants clean and neutral. Maybe a dark denim or a gray.  Let the shoes be the life of the party!

Read more about Royal Elastics in our previous post, a royal +!

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