home schooled

home schooled: the crown joya


Joya is a creative collective based in New York City that focuses on fragrance.  Having expanded into fine fragrances, accessories and other products, the nucleus of the brand is in their sophisticated candle collection.  Each piece is made by hand using artisanal techniques, modern uses of classic fragrances and impeccable packaging. Many of their items are limited editions so do not delay.  With partnerships that include Opening Ceremony, Rodarte, Neiman Marcus and Kiki de Montparnasse, you can be sure that a Joya collectible will bring scented joy to all.

MENTORS NOTE:  Most of us use candles to bring freshness to a room and to create a certain ambiance.  We hope… actually, we are sure, that you are not lighting a candle that releases a hypnotic (and not in a good way) scent of butter cream, cinnamon, apple pie or any other food scent.  For the love of wicks, please stay away from food scented candles! Keep your fragrance of choice clean, crisp and elegant, no matter what your home looks like.  When someone walks in the room, you want to entice their olfactory sense, not make them hungry. The geometric shape of the Joya candle is masculine and is perfect for bringing some dimension into the room.  A candle tells a lot about a man. This one is clean, sleek and with class. Remind you of anyone?

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