grooming guide

grooming guide: the king of hair

Philip Kingsley is widely known for being an expert in his field (hair).  With clinics in London and New York and a client list that spans celebrities, politicians and royalty, why wouldn’t you trust his products?  Kingsley has been a practising trichological consultant for decades, has developed award winning hair products and is a contributor to both national and international publications. Cut your hair (no pun intended) some slack and give it the royal treatment.  Philip Kingsley understands when you have a “bad hair day.” After all, he did invent the phrase.

MENTORS NOTE: There are a plethora of shampoo and conditioner options out there.  Way more than you want to filter through! So let us do the job for you. The Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Hair and Conditioner  (used by the model shown above) will get the job done and do it mighty well.  The specialized formula delivers the right amount of moisture to your hair leaving it more manageable and polished. It also contains a natural antistatic conditioning barrier which helps to smooth your hair’s cuticle.  Less frizz, less flyaways. You are very welcome.

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