dress code

dress code: kulte following

Since 1998, Kulte has shown its passion for fashion, music and the arts through its clothing collections and numerous collaborations.  The Kulte design team takes retro influences and adds a modern twist to bring current, fashion forward pieces for a style savvy man.  Aside from introducing new fashions, Kulte also publishes their own magazine (Kultorama), works on music compilations (Kulte Music) and produces music videos for the launch of each of their clothing collections.  Kulte is not just a fashion brand.  It’s a creative powerhouse that has amassed an impressive Kulte following (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

MENTORS NOTE: You need to join the Kulte. We wouldn’t normally suggest that, but this one is REALLY cool! Their clothing style has a bit of a throw back, modern look.  We know, we just contradicted ourselves, but that is how we see these items.  You can take a few of their pieces and wear them with current items you own to update your look.  Take the cardigan jacket (shown above). Pair with some colored chinos and a chambray button up (as shown above) or a simple v-neck t-shirt. You’ll have a nice preppy look. Want to hip it up a bit? Add some cool high top kicks.

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