dress code

dress code: free yourself

FREEMAN T. PORTER was launched in 1993 by a German-American designer who named the streetwear collection after his father, a U.S. Army soldier from St. Louis.  Appropriately so, the collections get their inspiration from the Army with a bit of added urban and contemporary flair. The mens and womens pieces are designed by a group of English, German, French and Italian designers.

MENTORS NOTE: The pieces in the menswear collection are edgy and rugged, but will nicely compliment ones preppy facade.  All of their pieces have a tailored fit to them and their jeans have substance, allowing for a great fit and superb quality.  Try one of their jackets (shown above).  Our favorite is the Michael Cotton jacket (very top).  Pair it with a pair of dark jeans for a clean look.  The jacket is fitted so keep your shirts simple to keep you from looking too bulky.  Maybe a fitted button up shirt or a v-neck.  Hopefully you are heading to a place where there is a coat check-in so you aren’t having to drape this cool garment over your chair.

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