dress code

dress code: wear your denim raw

Raw (or dry) denim is a denim fabric that is not washed or processed after being dyed during its production. The jeans you usually buy at the store are made of washed denim.  Over time, the raw denim will generally fade. NOTE: certain fabrics may stain when you sit on them wearing raw denim, i.e. sheets, car seats, sofas, etc. so be aware of where you place your bum!  As your wear your raw denim jeans, the fabric will begin to fade where your body moves the most, upper thighs, ankles and behind the knees.  This is a cool process because the jeans wear and form to your body and no one elses.  Consider this the blueprint (no pun intended) to your legs.  As you wear it more, the denim begins to soften.  To keep the color looking dark, keep from washing them.  I know, it could backfire on you, but use proper judgement.  An evening out to a nice cocktail party… you can hang them back in your closet.  A night that started with margaritas and guacamole and ended with a foam party… we suggest washing them.

MENTORS NOTE: Everyone should have a pair of raw denim jeans.  James Jeans (shown above) offers a great pair! They fit well, are made with quality denim fabric and the darker wash ups the sophistication of your jeans.  Pair it with a cool pair of distress boots and a v-neck sweater and you’ll be ready to go. Again, keep the color of your top a bit darker.  The waistband of your jeans will rub against the fabric and cause a light blue tint to it.

You can find James Jeans on their site or at www.thebluesjeanbar.com

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