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dress code: fill in the GAP

GAP is known for providing us with our everyday wardrobe staples. Since their humble beginnings in San Francisco in 1969 (when the average cost for a pair of jeans was $7), GAP has provided products with a consistent level of quality, fit and style.  We can all recognize their catchy commercials, clean All-American print campaigns and some of the best storefront window displays in the business (by the way, GAP has about 10 miles of storefront windows around the world). GAP always delivers with colorful, forward pieces and the A/W ’12 collection (shown above) is no different.

MENTORS NOTE: Go to your nearest GAP (with over 3,200 stores worldwide, I am sure there is one close to you) and grab some essentials for your closet.  The images above show you a great way to style and layer the pieces making you ready for fall/winter.  All of their pieces are interchangeable which makes it simple (and very convenient) to show some variety in your wardrobe.  Grab yourself a few of their colored chinos and a pair of their dark denim jeans.  Add some button ups and a gray, casual sweatshirt for layering.  Cap it off with a piece of outerwear and you are set!

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