dress code

dress code: case of the blues

Underwear have one main purpose and that is to hold your stuff in place.  Yeah, yeah, we are all adults here, so relax.  Aside from its main duty, underwear should be made of soft, breathable material and should have a comfortable fit.  Bluebuck makes just that: underwear made of top grade cotton, a superb design-cut, sturdy stitches and a big antlers logo (why not?). They believe the hyper colors and cartoonish designs should be left for the 2 year olds (and we agree!). Quality-made, men’s underwear.  Available in three different colors and (you guessed it) three different cuts.  Simple and stress-free.  How underwear selection should be.

MENTORS NOTE: Follow our advice from above.  For the love of briefs, PLEASE stop wearing the crazy colored underwear.  And leave the graphics for your t-shirts.  We are all grown men (we assume) so your underwear should mature along with you.  No matter what style you like to wear, stick to dark, neutral colors: navy blue, black, charcoal gray.  I know, I know… it sounds boring, but the party shouldn’t be in your pants where most won’t see (we assume). Leave that for the rest of your outfit.

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