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dress code: tie the knot

Jason Eli Glover (former buyer at Macy’s and Barneys New York) got tired of seeing men walk around the city in the same stale, uninteresting ties.  In a matter of years, Glover resigned from his buyer position at Barneys, took a year hiatus to Peru and started business school (in that particular order). Then in 2012, Jegman was launched to provide men with stylish, affordable, handcrafted neck ties that have color and character.

MENTORS NOTE: Pull out all of your ties that are stuffed in your drawers or in a bag (you should have a tie rack or a drawer organizer that properly stores and hangs your ties, but we digress). Now prepare yourself to get rid of 90% of those ties.  The tie you wear doesn’t just need to be a piece of fabric that restrains you from looking left and right.  It should have a purpose.  And that purpose is to give your suit (or your colored chinos and a fitted cardigan… just a suggestion) some color and charisma.  Whether you are a marketing intern, a doctor, a publicist or a business school student, you should have a healthy portion of cool, style savvy ties to choose from.  Take an average dark suit or a v-neck cashmere sweater and add a Jegman tie.  It will elevate your overall look, spark conversation and let others know that you have a bit of individual swagger.

Check out the Jegman site to view their vast assortment of cool tie patterns and colors.

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