dress code

dress code: origami. is it for you?

Percival was started in 2009 by designers/illustrators Chris Gove and Luke Stenzhorn.  Their collections put emphasis on British-made quality workmanship with impeccable detailing.  Their cuts are a bit more tailored and differ from other brands in that they use contrasting linings, buttons and color palettes to add character to every piece.  This season they are focusing on the Origami Print Raceway Jacket (shown above).  The jacket, made with a print designed in-house at the Percival Studio, is constructed from high quality navy, cotton twill fabric.  It is handscreen printed near London Bridge, manufactured in Bethnal Green and features an organic cotton sateen lined collar and metal buttons for a refined, finished look.

MENTORS NOTE: This is a great brand to check out, if you like very neutral tones and clean, crisp lines. Their collection of shirts have a great fit and can help make you look more slender.  Check out their website and look at the Denton Shirt.  It has a sophisticated look and can work great with a pair of fitted chinos or some dark jeans. Roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed look.  If you aren’t one to shy away from a little print, try the Origami print trousers.  Keep the top and shoes simple: white or light gray v-neck tee and some cool midtop brown leather lace up boots.

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