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dress code: Spring ’13 preview: EDUN

We recently wrote about Edun and its commitment to changing the world (and helping all of us look better while doing so). Their efforts haven’t changed and neither has their edge for creating stylish, pieces for the modern man.  Edun’s Spring 2013 collection is inspired by the photographs of David Scott, who captured Venice Beach, California, during a time when the rules of convention were broken and an alterntative lifestyle was embraced.  The collection displays a balance between casual and structured fits.  Each piece came to life using materials like chambray jacquard, piquet jacketing and garment dyed organic cotton, in a color palette of harbour blues, pineapple and pinks.

MENTORS NOTE:  Take advantage of the light colors in this collection.  I get that not everyone can pull off mint colored pants, but you can introduce a sweater or shorts that bring in a bit of color to your outfit without shocking people around you.  Pieces from this collection are also great for layering.  See above for some great ways to layer t-shirts and knits with a light blazer.  Layering is perfect to give your body dimension and is perfect for looking kept, while still remaining casual.

Visit the Edun website to check out the rest of the collection.

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