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dress code: Wolf vs Goat

Wolf vs Goat designs classic men’s pieces with a modern edge.  All of their garments are made with durable, quality materials by local artisans based here in the US. From button-down Oxford shirts, fitted knits or hand-crafted chinos, Wolf vs Goat has an elegant, yet casual look that can work for anyone.  When you visit their website, take a sec to check out their Customer Loyalty program.  It’ll be worth your time!

MENTORS NOTE: Get a few of their chinos and add them to your current wardrobe.  They have two fits, the Justin and the Predator.  See which one will fit your body type.  They have the classic khaki color and navy.  If you feeling a bit bold, grab a pair of the red ones! Their indigo rinse jeans work great for an evening outing or for a social event.  Speaking of outings, invest in a great fitting light v-neck sweater.  Their Skipper v-neck is a great way to look more dressed up without having to pull out the tie.  You can pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and layer a fitted blazer over it.  The accent of color from the sweater will divide your upper and lower body, giving your build a bit of definition.  Allow the colored strip to sit right at your waist.  Otherwise, the sweater is either too large or too small for you.



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