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dress code: Bande des Quatres

Bande des Quatres, French for Band of Four, is a boutique jewelry line of modern, hand-made pieces that focus on superb craftsmanship.  Each piece is sketched out to form a unique fusion of complex geometric architecture and artistic alliteration that can then act as a wearable “piece of architecture.”  The individual pieces for each collection are envisioned by art aficionado Erin Wahed and are hand-made by world-renowned Canadian jeweler, Janis Kerman.

MENTORS NOTE: If you want a piece of jewelry that will FOR SURE be a conversation starter, this is the brand you need to focus on.  Each of their pieces from this collection are made to order and are crafted from either sterling silver, 18kt yellow and palladium white gold or precious gemstones.  You will at least know that the ring or cuff you purchased was made specifically for you.  Look closely at the images above.  The rings that the models are wearing are ridiculous (and we mean that in a good way)!  They are multi-shaped and multi-finger rings.  No getting into fights, please.

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