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dress code: Bracelets and watches and rings, OH MY!

Robert Tateossian went from being a successful financier to starting one of the world’s leading jewelry and accessories brands.  Here’s what you need to know about this luxury brand.  Tateossian makes men’s and women’s jewelry using innovative materials like semi-precious stones, fiber optic glass, and CRYSTALLIZED(TM) – Swarovski Elements. Most of the products are made in silver and a new collection of pieces that are crafted from 18 carat gold.  In 2001, Tateossian opened its first stand-alone retail boutique at The Royal Exchange in the City of London, followed by its flagship store at The Duke of York Square on the King’s Road in Chelsea in 2004.  Tateossian products can now be found in over 60 countries.

MENTORS NOTE: Alright guys, do me a favor and get rid of the costume jewelry.  Yeah, I said, costume jewelry!  Any piece that turns your body parts green, needs to go.  It is time to invest in some quality, well designed, mature pieces.  The Tateossian collection of rings is amazing! They are simple, clean, sophistacted, yet have a bit of edge. Wear one on your middle or right ring finger with no other jewelry.  It’ll be a nice accent to your already well groomed outfit… right?  If watches are more your thing, check out the Mesh Blackout watch (show above).  Casual enough to wear to dinner, but classy enough to wear to an arts gathering.  We highly recommend you have at least one timepiece in your arsenal.

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