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dress code: A Royal +

Royal Elastics is bringing back one of their most popular styles, the Brother Roland +. Since 1996, Royal Elastics has been designing athletic-inspired styles, but now they have branched out into the contemporary footwear world with Brother Roland +.  The new collection comes in three colors: black, russet brown and a grey suede.  Each design features detailed stitching, stacked leather outsoles and provides extra comfort with soft, pigskin lining.  If thats not cool enough, the shoes are equipped with an easy-to-use toggle closure system with elastic “laces” for easy on/off functionality.  Cool shoes that make are life easier?  We’re sold!

MENTORS NOTE:  These shoes are cool, have great functionality and have a cool sole (S-O-L-E, not S-O-U-L). Buy a pair to wear to the office, especially if you have to stand up for most of the day.  Pair them with a pair of dark jeans or skinny khakis and a polo shirt.  They are preppy, but have some street cred too!  You’ll be loving those “laces” whenever you can kick off your shoes under your desk with ease!

The Brother Roland + line is available at www.royalelastics.com

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