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dress code: Two steps forward

Hudson launched 21 years ago with a goal to make men’s formal shoes with a modern twist.  This season Hudson returns to their roots with the launch of a capsule collection, which emphasizes quality materials and pared back timeless styling. The collection takes inspiration from the sharp tailoring of Savile Row in the 1960’s and iconic films such as Get Carter and The Graduate.

MENTORS NOTE: If you have a job where you must wear dress shoes, pay attention! Its time to move on from the odd looking square toe dress shoes.  Or the dress shoes that you can just shove your foot in and slip on.  Buy a pair of Hudson shoes and you will be able to tell the difference in your step (and so will everyone else).  The leather, the detailed stitching, the laces and zippers, all are executed with care.  Men’s shoes are just as important as the rest of what you wear.  If you spend time picking out a tie for your suit, make sure the same time is spent on your shoes.  A well kept pair of leather dress shoes says a lot about a person.  It shows you mean business and that you aren’t just waiting for the next gig to come around where you can slap on your sneakers again.  Invest and it’ll pay off.

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