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dress code: Call it a Qhuit

Streetwear trends meets new school hip-hop. That is the inspiration for Qhuit, a concept that two friends (Rhum*G and Mook) had back in 2001.  More than 10 years later, the offbeat, urban style of Ghuit is distributed in more than 90 locations across France and around the world.

MENTORS NOTE:  Add a little urban streetwear to your current wardrobe.  Not everyone can pull off this look, but a piece here and there can give you some variation.  A beannie for the winter, some colored chinos or a colored jacket for the fall.  You can definitely incorporate these pieces with your current look.  If you are adding a garment of color, keep the rest of you looking neutral.  You dont want to look like you had a fight with the Crayola box (and lost).

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