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dress code: What a Shock-er

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, G-Shock is creating a limited edition Frogman divers watch.  The classic Frogman features are seen in this multi-functional divers watch such as the Moon Age display (based on the current latitude and longitude of the wearer), the multi-alarm function and a tide graph display.  Fancy stuff, huh?!  The watch is in-cased in a titanium seal giving it the renowned tough G-Shock exterior.  This timepiece comes in a durable, black case with gold hardware finishes and vibrant red straps, the 30th anniversary colors.

MENTORS NOTE:  This is your average G-Shock watch, as we have mentioned above.  So go ahead and snatch one up and be one of the cool kids in town!  And cool, you will definitely be!  There are only 10 of these watches available for sale.  Five of them are available at Harrod’s in London and the other five are available at Casio London in Covent Garden.  No pressure, but you may want to hurry up! Time is ticking (pun intended).  Wear it with a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.  The watch is cool enough to pull its own weight. For now, focus on actually getting your hands on one of the ten that may still be out there!

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