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dress code: Its hard to be so good

It must be really hard to be this damn good at what you do! All we know is that hard graft does a mighty fine job at producing clean, well designed leather goods, including technology accessories, bags and… (our favorite) shoes.  hard graft was founded in 2008 by monie.ka and James. The Austrian/English duo obssess over every detail of each product.  Each ribbon, rivet, button and all materials are chosen by them and carefully put to use by a team of Italian artisans in a family run workshop.  The precision shows in each of these items.

MENTORS NOTE:  Everyone has a phone (and sometimes more than one).  Let yours stand out with one of their leather phone cases.  Getting a matching iPad case while you are at it.  The cover should look just as sleek as the gadget you are trying to protect.  And these get the job done.  Don’t stop there!  Get a pair of their boots.  Where them around until they tell your story.  The leather will wear and give in the places where you step most, making them unique to your stride.

(all images above, compliments of hard graft)

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