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home schooled: This Brit is taking over

British designer Timothy Oulton opened up his first stand alone store in the U.S. in Dallas, Texas in June.  In August, he opened up his first showroom in Beirut, Lebanon.  He followed that with the opening of his first European stand alone store in Amsterdam in September.  One store at a time, one region of the world at a time, Timothy Oulton is taking over.  His classic and vintage collections consist of trunks, kitchens/bars, seating, lighting, mirrors, textiles and art.  A meticulous amount of time is spent on each piece, making it a true piece of art.  For example, the Axel collection features pieces made of abandoned Chinese fishing vessels that have been weathered by the sea and salt water.  Each piece has its own story with character marks reflected on the wood.

MENTORS NOTE: Evaluate what you have in your home and see if you have room for one of Timothy Oulton’s pieces.  I guess we should say, MAKE room for one of his pieces.  Purchase one of the Mars or Aviator armchairs for your living space.  Use it as an anchoring piece to an existing sofa.  Add some dimension to the room and check out some of the different ball accessories that are available.  The spherical shape will add some curvature to a probably linear room and will help break up the lines from any tables, dressers or sideboards.

You can see the full collection of pieces at www.timothyoulton.com.  If you can, walk into one of his stores.  The decor and attention to detail is out of this world.  From their use of textures to the book wrapped pillars, this store truly sets a global standard.

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