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dress code: Todd Snyder’s next move

Todd Snyder has had successful stints at Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, but knew he had to start his own clothing line or he would always regret it.  He did just that. And we are extremely thankful that he did! He made his debut in 2011 with his first men’s collection and received rave reviews.  Voted by GQ as one of the Best New Menswear Designers, Snyder will be one of six designers that collaborates with GAP on an exclusive, limited collection.  Check out gap.com for details on the collection launch date. Interestingly enough, Snyder’s wife would make fun of him because he would watch football as he sewed a shirt. I guess multi-tasking does pay off.

MENTORS NOTE:  Snyder’s clothes are unbelievably amazing to mix and match.  Take advantage of that.  Pair some of this runway pieces with what you already have in your closet.  And be sure to snatch a few (and by “a few” we mean “all”) of the pieces sold at GAP to swell up your collection.  Get them ASAP because they will for sure sell out! The brown aviator jacket or the cashmere pocket cardigan (shown above) are versatile.  Pair them with dark chinos, flat front slacks or dark raw denim jeans.  See if you can pull of some colored eyeglasses or a neck accessory like a tie or bow tie to carry on the charm of the clothing.

The Todd Snyder clothing can be found at www.toddsnyder.com.

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