dress code

dress code: Jewelry to get hooked on!

In just four short years, MIANSAI has become one of the most sought after accessory brands worldwide. Designer Michael Saiger is New York bred, educated at the University of Miami and is a self taught designer.  He turns every day items into wearable accessories for men and women.  Don’t try this at home! You may not produce the same results!  His hand-made designs range in price (custom pieces are available!) and can be found worldwide in 40 states in the United States and 22 other countries.

MENTORS NOTE: Get a piece of his (or two) and casually wear them out.  The use of nails, bullets, razor blades and hooks makes the jewelry a conversation starter.  These pieces are a bit more edgy, but the use of bright colors and shiny metals still makes them very approachable.  Mix and match the different textures and finishes that he offers to add some variety. Try wearing one of the rope bracelets, with a leather one and one of the metal cuffs.  Variety is a good thing! (Note: watch out for sharp corners/edges.)

Miansai’s full collection of bracelets, rings, keychains, necklaces and hats can be found at Neiman Marcus, Mr. Porter, Bergdorg Goodman and at www.miansai.com. Be sure to check out the Miansai site for tips on how to wear some of the pieces and to see videos on how they are made.

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