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dress code: the full Monty (not what you are thinking!)

In the 50’s Gloverall developed what is known as today’s Monty Duffel Coat, with a check back double faced fabric, horn toggles and leather fastenings. Over 60 years later, it continues to warmly dress individuals with a classic silhouette synonymous with Monte Carlo car races and Winter Olympic Games (Getty Images).  The new Autumn Winter Monty collection features earth tones: moss, burnt orange, winter white and burgundy that all sit alongside the classic Gloverall palette of beige and navy.

MENTORS NOTE: Consider this an investment for your winter wardrobe.  Whether you live in a cold weathered area or just a place that gets a few weeks of winter weather, you need a classic piece that will keep you warm and help you look refined.  Keep the upper half of your wardrobe simple so you don’t appear bulky.  A button up shirt or a v-neck cashmere sweater is perfect.  There is no need to pile on six layers of clothing.  The coat will provide enough warmth.  Their website offers some great color options with some variations on those remarkable horn toggles.

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